Brother Printer Unjam – How to Fix it Easily (5 Major Issues)


Brother Printer Unjam

The Brother printer is a great technology that works well for personal and professional purposes. Unfortunately, there are times when the Brother printer gets jammed, which can lead to problems with the print job or even cause the machine to stop working altogether. If this happens, it may seem like an impossible task to fix.

Brother printers are one of the most widely used printers worldwide. It always offers unbelievable printing results. But machinery sometimes shows paper jams, leaving you very uncomfortable.

You might feel annoyed if you were hurrying to attend your important university lecture and had to deal with a paper jam in the printing shop. Or when you have to deliver a big paper printing order but your printer shows a paper jam? Of course, it will be frustrating and irritating for everyone. No one likes to wait for long to complete their initial tasks.

In either situation, you can handle the error on your Brother printer’s screen by educating yourself on how to unjam a Brother printer in a couple of minutes with a DIY.

How to deal with the paper jam?

The pop-up message on your LCD screen clearly shows that your printer faces a paper jam issue either in front or back. The inside of the printer and print head are always very hot for continually working conditions. Therefore don’t try to touch them at once and wait a while to cool down the machinery.


Now, notice the issue genuinely. Check out the issue both in the front end and back end. If the paper jam is in the front end, you can clear it by following the simple guideline.


  • Start by turning off the power and unplugging the power cord from the back of the printer.
  • Remove the paper tray from the printer by opening it carefully.
  • Be relaxed, scan the printer’s inner surface, and identify the paper jam’s location.
  • Once you figure out the problem and locate the paper jam, remove the jammed paper gently from the printer.
  • You can do this by removing all your ink cartridges and gently prying open your printer’s top cover with a flathead screwdriver or other tool that won’t damage your printer.
  • Now put the printer tray back in the socket carefully.

Repeat the same process if the paper is stuck in the backside of the Brother printer. Start by opening the printer’s back cover and carefully remove any jammed paper from the printer tray. If it comes out easily, then it’s great. Otherwise, it shows the paper struck from both the front and backside. Please remove it from both sides and ensure no paper is left in the printer.

Why does my printer keep jamming?

There are many reasons for a printer to keep jamming. The most common one is paper jams. Paper jams can happen for various reasons, including too much paper in the tray, wrinkled or damaged paper, or an incorrect paper type.

Another reason a printer keeps jamming is that the rollers may be dirty and need cleaning. An idle printer for a long time might also need to be oiled.

Here are a few reasons why a printer would jam are:

  • The tray is overloaded
  • The paper is too thin or too thick.
  • Any foreign object in the printer
  • Damaged or dusty rollers
  • Technical issues/ regarding software and hardware

The tray is overloaded:

Overloading a tray with printing papers is the first reason for paper jams in any printer. The paper jam occurs when printer users use it without paying attention and fill the tray with lots of paper at once. The overloaded tray causes paper jams. You can avoid paper jamming if you use the correct-sized paper sheets.

Adjust the papers in the printer tray to avoid any inconvenience and serious issues while printing. This problem can lead to serious issues, such as damaging printer functionality.

The paper is too thin or too thick.

Another reason for paper jams is selecting the wrong kind of paper. Both the thinnest and thickest papers cause issues while printing. However, office paper shows good compatibility with the printer. Similarly, folded paper is not suggested for printing at all.

Using low-quality paper offers jamming and poor functionality for the printer. Additionally, being a newbie adding a lot of commands to the printer affect the quality and causes printer jams. It is best to restart the printer if it doesn’t work with one command. It is considered good practice for the accurate working of the printer.

Any foreign object in the printer

When foreign objects are present in the printer, they can reduce the working quality of the printer. This happens because foreign particles or dust particles are not compatible with the printer working, so they affect and lower the applicable rate of the printer and resultantly jam the printer.

It is recommended to properly adjust and clean the printer before working on it. It will enhance the printer’s life span and save the user time by lowering the jamming of the printer.

Damaged or dusty rollers

Dust is another reason for the jamming of the printer. Due to dust particles, the devices cannot perform at their best level. So far printer, if dust particles are present in the printer roller, the roller loses its ability to pick up the paper. This way, the printer stopped working, resulting in a jam.

To avoid this serious issue, make sure to clean the rollers regularly. Also, don’t forget to check the cleanliness of printer rollers before they start working. However, to ensure safety, please unplug your printer because you will clean the debris from the printer with wet clothes. Once thoroughly cleaned, your printer will work smoothly like a brand-new printer.

Technical issues/ regarding software and hardware

The working of Brother printers is seriously affected by its software and hardware issues. Users cannot resolve these issues without the help of experts. If the printer shows any hardware problem, immediately contact your technician to resolve the issue.

However, many users claim to fix software issues by themselves. So if you encounter any software issue on the LCD pop-up message, immediately try to solve the bug. Otherwise, it can jam the printers and lead to an unkind situation.


Can a paper jam ruin a printer?

A paper jam is a serious problem that can ruin your printer. The best thing you can do if you have a paper jam is to turn off your printer, unplug it and let the paper out of the machine. If this doesn’t work, you should contact a professional who can remove any remaining pieces of paper inside the printer and repair any damage caused by the jam. Unjam Brother Printer.

How do I fix the jam in my Brother printer?

There are a few simple steps that you can take to fix the jam in your Brother printer.

Start by turning off your Unjam Brother printer and unplugging it from the power source. Once this is done, open up the printer cover and remove any paper cartridges or other items that may be causing a problem with your device. To do this, remove screws on either side of the device using a Phillips head screwdriver (provided). Once these have been removed, lift on each side of the cover until it opens up completely so that you have access to all internal components.


Next, you must remove any debris stuck inside your Brother printer. After turning it upside down, shake it vigorously for about five seconds until all loose pieces fall out onto a paper towel or cloth so you can dispose of them properly later on down the road.

Final thoughts:

Brother printers are a great choice for many people looking for a printer that will do the job without breaking the bank. It has an LCD screen that lets you see what’s going on awhat’stimes, plus it has an automatic paper feeder, so there’s no need there are your papers manually. Unjam Brother Printer.

The best way to unjam Brother Printer is to use professional tools. You should not try this yourself, because it is not easy and you may damage your machine or even cause a fire.

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