How to print postcards on a Hp printer? Complete guide 2023

Print postcards on an HP printer

Postcards are a simple way to send a message of greeting or good wishes in an elegant and eye-catching way. They are printed on a small card that can be folded into a pocket-sized envelope and sent via regular mail. You can share them with your loved ones or use them as business promotional tools to inform your customers about upcoming events and other news. This article is for you if you want to print postcards on an HP printer!


Postcard paper must withstand the rigors of shipping and handling without tearing or creasing. The best way to ensure that your postcards meet this criterion is to use thick card stock that is lightweight enough to allow for good handling during shipment but heavy enough to last through multiple uses.

Printing postcards on your HP printer can be easy and fun, especially with free printable postcard templates!


If you’re looking for a way to send a postcard to friends, family, or coworkers, this guide will help you how to create your customized postcards in Microsoft Word.


Accessories To Print Postcards On Hp Printer:

HP Printer:

The basic equipment for postcard printing is nothing other than a high-quality Hp Printer. Apparently, you should check the compatibility of the Hp printer with postcard papers before starting the process. Since there is a small difference between regular printing papers and postcard paper, that is the weight of the Paper.

So, before proceeding, check the compatibility of HP printers with postcard paper weight. If you find it suitable or supportive, ensure the adjustment of HP printers with postcard paper. Adjustment of HP printers will follow the following steps.

How to Print Postcards on HP Printer:


  1. Connect your HP printer to a computer with an HP USB cable.


  1. Open the printer software and click on File>Print Settings.


  1. Click on Advanced and select the Postcard option from the menu. If you want to print envelopes, choose Envelopes instead of Postcards, printed on a separate page.


  1. Save these settings by clicking on Ok and return to the main screen, where you can choose whether you want your postcards to be square or standard size (or both).


  1. Click Print Now to begin printing your postcards!


Another important specification for printing Postcards on HP printers is selecting the right kind of Paper. Not all paper types are compatible with HP printers, but the Cover Gloss and paper of cardstock. You must be familiar with the postcard design specifications before proceeding.

Postcard design specification:

HP printers can print on various paper types and sizes, including postcards. When printing postcards on an HP printer, selecting the correct paper type and size settings are important to ensure the best print quality.


The standard size for a postcard can vary greatly, so be sure to select this size when setting up your printing job. For the paper type, choose a heavy-weight paper such as cardstock to prevent your postcards from bending or wrinkling. HP printers can also print on both sides of the Paper, so select this option if you want to publish your postcards on both sides.


With the correct settings, your HP printer will be able to produce high-quality postcards that will be sure to impress your recipients.

  • Select a postcard in a rectangular shape to get the best of both worlds in printing.
  • You can use all colors and fonts in postcard printing only if the address on the postcard is readable.
  • Check out the length and height of the postcard regarding your printer; ensure 235mm*120mm length and height for better results.
  • The thickness of the paper matters, and it must be between 0.178mmm-0.406mm.

MS word for postcard printing:

The last place to give a final touch to your postcard printing design is MS word. You can add images and organize text types and fonts here. However, apart from using MS word for printing postcards, you can also go with Canva.

Using the canvas template is easier for most people than other editing tools. Canva offers more design tools than Ms word. Adjust and finalize your document size to 24 inches in whatever editing tool you use to get the best results.

Some Methods About How To Print Postcards On Hp Printer

Adjust The Size On the editor, i.e., Microsoft Word, Canva, Or Adobe Photoshop:

If you want to get the goodness of both worlds in a single attempt while printing postcards, make sure to adjust and check the size of the postcards. The size of the image must not increase or decrease while printing; It is considered good practice if the size doesn’t change. However, if the image size fluctuates, adjust the postcard size. You can do this by following these measures.

  • Explore your editing tool and select the “page setting.”
  • Adjust the card size thoroughly from the paper tab option.
  • Finally, you got ownership of your desired document.

Adjust the paper tray:

If your HP printer has a paper jam, you’ll first want to check the paper tray to see if it’s properly adjusted. You can do this through the soft settings on your HP printer. To access the soft settings,

  • Press the Menu button on your printer.
  • Navigate to the Setup menu and select the “Paper Tray option.”
  • You can adjust the paper tray to the proper position from the Paper Tray menu.
  • You will get different options on the paper tray option like a letter, envelope, legal, and many others. But your main concern is with cardstock and Paper. So ignore others and explore these two.

Adopt Changes In The Printer Settings:

You’ll need to change the printer settings if you want to print postcards on your HP printer.

  • First, you’ll need to select the correct paper size.
  • For postcards, you’ll need to choose a paper size that is “4×6″ or larger.
  • Next, you’ll need to select the correct print quality settings. For postcards, you’ll want to choose a high-quality setting so that the images and text look their best.
  • Finally, you’ll need to ensure enough ink or toner to complete the job.

Once you have all of these settings configured, you should be able to print postcards on your HP printer without any problems.


FAQs about How to print postcards on an HP printer?

How do I Print directly on a postcard?

Print on postcards is a great way to stay in touch with customers, prospects, or partners by mailing postcards as reminders, invitations, advertisements, or marketing. Printing directly on a postcard is cheaper than buying them elsewhere and less work than writing and addressing envelopes. Here is how to Print directly on a postcard.

The easiest way is to take a picture of your document, then open the picture in an image editor like Photoshop. Make it a little bigger than the size of the postcard; then, you can carefully crop out the rest of the page. Please print it out, and voila, you have a real-looking postcard.

What is the best postcard size?

A postcard 6 inches by 11 inches is known to perform best for postcard printing.


Providing an exact and appropriate answer about How to print postcards on HP printers has never been easy. The precise procedure of postcard printing depends on multiple factors including postcard size, printer specifications, and many others.

However, with our expert knowledge and detailed analysis, we forward this information to help readers. To get the best result, make sure to know your printer’s specs and get hands-on practice with the setting. Feeding the printer quality and complete information before starting will save you time and will never blunder its functionality.

We hope you enjoy the article thoroughly if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us. Comment down your questions and get expert advice.

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