Which Ecotank Printer Is Best For Sublimation? ultimate guide 2023

Ecotank Printer Is Best For Sublimation

Are you a beginner in the sublimation printing field and, after a lot of research, you have got to know about Epson printers and wondering which Ecotank Printer you should buy and use as a sublimation printer? Then take it easy.


We have gathered all the information about Epson Ecotank printers, and now we will share it with you to make your journey continue in sublimation printing.

Let’s begin this journey!

These days, Epson printers are the most suitable printers for performing sublimation. One of the best qualities of Epson printers is that they are economical and also the best sublimation printers for beginners.

If you are looking for sublimation in mugs, pillowcases, t-shirts, trophies, or any other item, then Epson printers will be the best choice. Epson printers provide exciting and bright colors to the printed object; trust me; nothing can beat that result.


The Epson EcoTank printers have a friendly user interface and are easily understandable for any user. There are many models and sizes available for Ecotank printers in the market. So, now we will explain to you all about Ecotank Printer, which is good for being used as a sublimation printer.


7 Top Epson Sublimation Printer

Epson ET-2760

Epson ET-2760 is a type of regular printer, and it contains a wireless bulk tank with a print resolution of 5760 * 1440 dpi. The best part is it is pocket friendly. Its total cost is $299.99.


It has great fast speed. It can print up to 10.5 black pages in a minute. Epson’s T502 ink also shows it’s working.

It has the following ink configuration:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black

Also, it contains two years of guarantee from the company, so if it’s not working properly, you can replace it with the new one. Ecotank printer for sublimation.


Epson ET-2750

Epson ET-2750 is the world’s second-best type used for sublimation printing. We can use it for commercial purposes and household chores. It has the incredible features of PrecisionCore print heads, and many other types of nozzles are available with this printer. With the help of these nozzles, the speed of the printer increases, and the user can get the print quickly.


Epson ET-2750 has a compact design and is adjustable at any place conveniently. Its resolution for the image is 5760*1440 dpi. It has the same speed as Epson-2760, so it can print up to 10.5 black pages in a minute.


And last but not least, one of the major concerns of people is its assurance. So don’t worry, it has about two years of guarantee from the company so simple if there is any issue with the printer, you can replace it with the new one.


Epson ET-2720

Epson ET-2720 is a printer with a Micro Piezo print head. It is one technology that most people are looking for when searching for the best printers.


Why is Micro Piezo Technology the best? It uses Piezo crystals when the printer sends electrical signals, producing consistent droplets in size and shape and delivering a sharp and clear print.


But its speed is slow because of a few nozzles. Epson ET-2720 uses Epson T522 ink. And the size of the printing graphics is 8.3 * 11.77, and ‌the resolution for the image is 4800 * 1200.


In today’s market, some printers do not support small-size prints. But Epson ET-2720 has this feature to print small sizes. Also, it only uses 65ml of black ink bottle to print 4500 pages.


After you have read about this printer’s features, the primary concern for most people is the cost of this product. So don’t worry, it’s pocket friendly, and you can buy it for only $199.00.


Epson ET-3760

Epson ET-3760 is the fourth number best printer. It also has a bulk tank, as other Epson printers have. Here in this printer, there is no usage of ink cartridges. Its print size is 8.3*11.7 inches.


It has a manageable weight of 13.2 lbs and can transfer paperwork and documents. You can print up to 8 color and 15 black pages in a minute.


One feature I like the most is that in 127ml. With black ink, you can print about 7500 pages, and while using ink Cyan and Magneta, it can print up to 6000 pages. Its overall cost is $399.99.



The fifth most considered printer for sublimation is the Epson-4760. It has the incredible feature of printing, scanning, and faxing from only one machine. Because of PrecisionCore technology, it has incredibly high speed. Its size of printing image is 8.3*11.7 inches. Its weight is about 15lb.


This printer has many features, but one amazing quality is that its setup is very easy and user-friendly. It also has a touch screen of 2.4 sizes and a capacity tray of 250 sheets. The image resolution is 4800*1200 dpi. And with the help of many navigations present, it improves its working. Last, it has about two years of guarantee from the company.


Epson F570


It is one of the most expensive sublimation printers. Its best thing is that we used it for doing large prints. It uses the latest technology of PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead and is available with 800 nozzles. In 3 minutes, it prints unbelievably high-quality prints of 300 dpi.


It shows pairing with Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. Its weight is 26.46 lbs, and users can easily manage it with its desktop.


If, while buying a sublimation printer, the money is not an issue, then you can buy this printer; its amount is $2495.00. It is an expensive choice for the buyer but delivers the best results.




Epson F170’s main purpose is to print customized mugs, images, and awards. In this printer, the navigation keys play a very important role. It has a printing width of 8.5 inches.


It has paired with 140ml inks of Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. And have compatibility with the Epson T49M. Its print size is 8.5″ * 47.2″. The resolution is 1200 * 600dpi. Its weight is 10.2 lbs and is best for household purposes but not effective on an industrial level. Its market value is $399.00. Ecotank printer for sublimation.


Final thoughts

So here in this article, we deceptively describe the best EcoTank printers available on the market. Epson EcoTank printers are very useful for sublimation. They are pocket friendly and are available in all sizes. You can buy any of these Epson EcoTank printers according to your need. Each EcoTank Printer has its distinct feature, so select the one that suits your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is damp paper?

It is a type of paper that absorbs a huge amount of humidity.

  1. What printers can we use for sublimation?

You can use Epson printers for sublimation. Also, Epson designed its EcoTank series for sublimation printing.

  1. What is the reason behind printers printing the wrong colors?

If the printer has a faulty install

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